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What we can do for you


Majik Films is committed to being Toronto’s most reliable and creative video production company, servicing clients ranging from music videos to short films. Our high calibre professionals work hand-in-hand with clients building rich visuals, equipped with the latest technology in the creative industry.

No project is too big or too small. Our creative edge is what separates us from the rest. We carefully choose each project to work on, deriving creative from both the client and our directors.

Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to speak to you in regards to the services you require.


We shoot anything creative that will visually bring an idea or a theme to life. Whether its corporate, entertainment, or educational, we’re ready to bring your vision to life.

We’re delighted to know you’re ready to work on a project with us! First step is to email us a call and discuss the project you have in mind. You can email and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Budgets depend on what type of project you want to complete. We like to emphasize on production quality, therefore budgets range from one number to another based on your vision.

We work fast but efficient. Typically speaking, we complete our projects within 1-2 weeks depending on the bulk of the work. Nothing is worst than waiting on edits without knowing the progress of your project. We like to always keep our clients informed and updated with progress reports to insure clear communication between both parties.

We’re international. Our client locations range from North America to Asia. Our company is equipped with the appropriate Visa’s and permits required to work domestic & internationally.

Absolutely! Not only do we offer a full production operation, but we also offer specific services such as editing, color correction, casting, producers, art direction, and more!




Production budget preparation

Creative concepts, developments, & treatments


Script writing


Reserve crew & equipment

Cast talent

Short Film production

Music video production

Graphic driven lyric videos

Commercials & Ad clips

Corporate presentations

2D & 3D Animation

Motion Graphics & photography

Music video editing

Color Correction & Grading

Onset Production

Photography editing

Photography color correction

Art Direction

Production Consultation

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